Surely you have heard...."wait as long as you can before you clean your carpet…" or "once you've cleaned your carpet, it's never the same…".
These widely used comments have stemmed from unfortunate encounters with uninformed cleaners that have left the carpet over wet and with an overload of detergent residue. The unfortunate consumer has assumed that this is the case with all carpet cleaning and resolved to wait until the carpet is in dire straits to clean it. The good news is that a properly clean carpet will not re-soil quickly and will actually last longer. Why? Because damaging soils are removed with effective carpet cleaning. Soil that is not removed by vacuuming, even though it can rarely be seen by the naked eye, cuts and slices on the carpet fibers as the carpet is being walked on. This will result in premature breaking down of the carpet yarns in the traffic areas. The result is that even with restorative cleaning at that point, it will not correct the damage that has been done to the fiber. Carpet is like a sink. It collects pollens, insecticides, exhaust, etc. that gets tracked in or blown in from the polluted outdoors. At regular intervals you just have to empty the sink. Carpet manufacturers such as Shaw industries, ( biggest carpet mill in the world ) state that a residential carpet should be professionally cleaned at least every 20 to 24 months for best performance.....more often if pets and/ or children are present. If you have new carpet and you don't .....THEY WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! They've done all the testing in their labs and know that a lack of proper cleaning ends up in premature wear and a dissatisfied customer who will complain and perhaps never buy carpet again. In closing, carpet that is maintained on a regular basis by professionals will not only last longer but will also provide a healthier indoor environment.


If your kids come running into the house at the end of a long play-day outdoors and they are a mess, what do you do with their dirty clothes? Send them out to the dry cleaners? Or do their dirty clothes go right into the washing machine followed by a good hot water rinse? That's exactly what we do for your dirty carpets…they also get washed with organic green cleaners followed by a sanitizing clean rinse with superheated water generated by our truck powered equipment. This is the Certified method recommended by Shaw Industries and the other largest carpet Mills in the world. The cool thing is that we now have newly developed specialty cleaning tools that have further drastically cut drying times...carpets dry so quickly that it mimics dry cleaning....but your carpets will be so much cleaner and healthier!
Bottom line: Haugland Bros. agrees with the major carpet manufacturers and thus uses and recommends Hot Water Extraction. Once you've sampled our cleaning method in your house we know you will agree!

The Whole Truth: Our Faults Are....We can't fix everything, but we'll tell you upfront exactly what to expect. We"ll tell you before we start if traffic lanes or spots may not come out, or might come back. A few folks feel our prices are too high. Our prices are as low as we can make them without cutting corners. We checked the prices of other cleaners, and ours are neither high nor low, and we offer several levels of service to choose from. But even if they were the highest prices in town, our thoroughness would be worth every penny. Your carpets will be as clean and healthy as possible.


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